June 23, 2024
Japanese Escort

My Sex Experience with Japanese Escorts

I always wanted to enjoy oriental sex. But, I wasn’t lucky to meet an oriental girl that was willing to have sex with me. However, I recently came across a website with beautiful Japanese escort. Like most men, I was skeptical about going on a date with companions that advertise their services online. But, I decided to give it a shot.

I booked a model that looked extremely beautiful on her photos. Her profile said that she could provide all types of sex including anal and oral. So, I was confident that I would get the experience I was yearning for once I meet her.

The Appointment

I booked an appointment with the girl and we agreed to meet in a hotel room downtown. Though I have an apartment where I live alone, I decided to meet her in a hotel room for security reasons. We met in the afternoon because I wanted to head home after the appointment. Before leaving my apartment, I took a shower, shove my beards and balls, and put on a nice attire and cologne.

I arrived at the hotel room before the appointment time to ensure that everything was okay. After checking out everything, I lied on my hotel room bed waiting for my companions. And just as agreed, I heard a knock at the door at the exactly agreed on time. On opening the door, I saw more than I expected. The japanese escort was exemplary beautiful. She looked like she had just landed on earth from the outer space. She put on an attire that made he sexually appealing.

Ultimate Sex Experience

The babe was magnificently dressed and I couldn’t help stop staring at her after welcoming her to my hotel room. She sat on my bed looking at me with sexy, gorgeous eyes. I naturally found myself sitting next to her staring at her. Though I didn’t intend to be rude, I couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage. I don’t know how it happened but we shortly found ourselves cuddling and undressing each other.

Before long, she was working on my dick with her hands and mouth. Eventually, she got on top and started riding on my dick. Her moans and groans drove me crazy. How she fucked with her soft boobs all over my face made me lose myself for a moment. On realizing that I was about to cum, she went back to working on my dick with hands and mouth. She let me cum in her mouth and gave me an experience that no other woman had ever given me. She wiped me and lied close to me caressing my body. We end the session with a shower in the hotel room.

Since my first experience, I have always booked these models and I have never been disappointed.